Volumetric Feeders

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Edited: (06/12/17)


For use in conjunction with Trantec’s Metering Screw Feeders. Our integrated control systems constantly monitor the Metering Feeders loss of material over time. Comparison of the actual flow rate with the targeted flow rate allows for the controller to automatically correct any discrepancies in feed rates. This is achieved by adjusting the augers speed of rotation.

Trantec provides multiple control options, allowing for your application to be truly at your precise control. Our control systems are custom-built and PLC-based. All control systems are designed and configured by our highly skilled team of engineers. Advice and consultation are offered wherever needed. 

Trantec’s gravimetric control systems are easily expanded to include multiple powder feeders, creating a multi-ingredient preparation system. Interconnection is achieved via one multi-core cable.  

Trantec specialise in the design and manufacture of Volumetric Feeders for the Powder Handling Industry. For more information, please call 01282 777566.

Trantec's Design:

A self-contained system whereby each gravimetric module is controlled by a central computer, PLC (Programmable Logic Computer), or Trantec Data Terminal. Connection to existing SCADA or mainframe computers is achieved by Arcnet or RS 232 interfaces.

Options include:

  • Single Gravimetric Feeder or multiple screw feeder control. 
  • Graphics terminals, mimic displays, or local key pay operator interfacing.
  • Multiple recipes and formulation storage capacities.
  • Data logging with batch/lot code traceability. 
  • PLC or computer remote communication.
  • Continuous loss-in-weight feeding.
  • Gain-in-weight configurations.
  • Loss-in-weight/gain-in-weight batching.
  • I/O interfacing to control related equipment such as valves or level sensors. 

Trantec’s Gravimetric Controllers are specifically designed for easy expansion either at initial installation or at a later date in the future. Remote monitoring at a distance of up to 1km is typical. 

PLC control system on clear background

Single Feeder System:

Multiple Feeder System:

A diagram of one metering screw feeder connected to a PLC control system