How Trantec Serves the Nonwovens Industry…

Trantec provides a range of materials handling equipment specifically aimed at metering, feeding, and conveying Super Absorbant Polymer (SAP) and separate fibres. SAP is a common material used for the manufacture of nonwoven fabrics across the globe. Traditionally, many manufacturers of nonwoven materials will use a Single Screw Feeder or Twin Screw Feeder, and will often employ gravimetric configurations.

Nonwoven fabrics are used widely for their properties than cannot be mimicked by most woven fabrics. These properties include:

  • High absorbency.
  • Sterility.
  • Washability.
  • Liquid repellency.
  • Flame retardancy.
  • High strength levels.
  • Stretchability.

Most nonwoven fabrics are created from the bonding of long fibres through a variety of methods. Treatments include chemical, mechanical, heated, and solvent.

SAPs are small gel beads, commonly created by the polymerisation of acrylic acid and sodium hydroxide. Other materials include polyacrylamide copolymer, polyvinyl alcohol copolymers, and cross-linked polyethylene oxide. Due to their material properties, some SAPs are even able to absorb up to 300 times their own weight in liquid. Once water is introduced, the small beads start to form a gel-like substance.

Nonwoven fabrics are commonly used for the manufacture of disposable hygiene and food grade products. Examples include; diapers and incontinence garments, surgical pads, wound dressings/bandages, feminine hygiene products (tampons, menstrual pads, etc.), floor dusting cloths, coffee filters, coffee/tea bags, filters, and even artificial snow!

Although there are many processes involved, Trantec’s Flexible Screw Conveyors and Metering Screw Feeders only handle the raw SAP in the manufacturing process. When feeding SAP, accuracy is crucial for even delivery of SAP to cellulose/bicomponent fibres. This is an essential when delivering a high-quality product.

Industry Needs...

Similarly most industries in today’s market, accuracy is a top priority for nonwovens manufacturers. Trantec’s Metering Screw Feeders and Flexible Screw Conveyors offer gentle handling solutions. Whether accurately feeding SAP into a coating system, or to move it from storage containers (i.e. sack tip station/storage hopper/FIBC discharger) to the next point of processing (Loader or Metering Feeder), Trantec can assist.

Utilising the latest in powder feeding technology coupled together with our efficient in-house machine tooling capabilities, we set out on course to design a machine that not only suits the application in mind but a powder feeder that improves current manufacturing efficiency. With added gravimetric configurations, equipped with the latest in advanced weighing technology and integrated PLC control systems, consistent and uniform loss-in-weight feeding is achieved. Reliable feed rates are delivered, subsequently cutting costs!

Trantec’s materials handling solutions offer robust design and construction throughout, full modularity in design (view our available Modules for more details), and a premium quality product at Trantec’s not-so-premium price. 

Product Testing & Trials:

We understand the importance of comprehensive product testing and assist our clients with such tasks. Our test lab is completely free to use and takes the hassle away from our clients.

The test facility is fully equipped with Metering Screw Feeders and Flexible Screw Conveyors as standard, with a variety of augers and spiral augers to choose from for delivery of products.   

For more information on sending your materials to Trantec for analysis, please visit our Test Lab page. Alternatively, get in touch with us on 01282 777 566 to discuss your application in more detail, or even if you’d just like an informal chat about it.

Six nonwoven diapers on a clear background
A tea bag on clear background
A Trantec Flexible Screw Conveyor on a clear background