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Since Trantec’s inception, our primary focus has been to provide accurate, robust feeding solutions that offer modular design. Whilst a proportion of our competition state that their Metering Screw Feeders offer modularity in design, chances are that you’re purchasing a machine that includes the upgrades as part of a set package. If you would like your powder feeder to have the latest and boldest features, you might have a bit of an issue finding a supplier who can offer what you seek at a sensible price.

Trantec has offered tailored solutions since our early days as a business, based solely on our clients’ application specifications and requirements. This is because we firmly believe that the best designers of our Metering Feeders are our clients.

Upon developing our latest Metering Feeders range, we decided to take our research outside of our Product Development Dept. at Renown Works with a new focus. We wanted to know, from our customers’ perspective, what really makes a great Metering Screw Feeder?

Trantec's 'M' Range Metering Screw Feeders...

Through extensive market research and customer surveys, both formal and informal, we asked what sets the bar higher in feeding solutions. Was it down to machine build quality, such as robust design, sanitary construction materials and techniques, safety mechanisms, ease-of-use, or just to make day-to-day work life that little bit easier? 

What our customers were actually looking for was is a fully customisable product, with the ability to be upgraded with the newest and best features at any given time. We took our findings and began our journey of continuous product development spanning over a period of 18-24 months. Testing some of our newest ideas and innovations to Metering Screw Feeder design, we set to design a base system that is easily upgradable at any given time, whilst staying true to Trantec’s core powder dosing technology. The ability to add modules at the time of design and manufacture has always been available to Trantec’s Metering Feeders. 

Trantec is delighted to announce the release of our M-Series Metering Screw Feeders. A true modular in design screw feeder is now available. All of our M-Series base models can be upgraded with any of our offered modules during construction or at a time in the future when better suited to you.

Modular Design Explained

In its simplest form, we take our proven Metering Screw Feeder technology and add bolt-on enhancements at your request, offering complete control of customisation to our clients.

Although it’s a relatively straightforward idea, such a facility is rarely offered in our industry. Most OEMs and suppliers will fall into one of the two sectors below:

  1. A fixed machine profile and features set, usually offered at a competitive price since they can be mass produced. Offers limited expansion.
  2. A fully customisable machine, built-to-order which can include specially manufactured features. Unfortunately, often high in cost, carrying a lengthy delivery timescale.

Trantec already offers both above options. Now, we set out to take the middle ground and give our customers a third option.

We have produced a series of Metering Feeders which have, at their roots, proven powder dosing technology, but can be “enhanced” quickly, and efficiently. This creates an obvious cost saving, making our approach attractive when budgets are tight. Trantec’s “Easy-Clean” module allows machines to be stripped down to their base parts in minutes without the need for tools. Key contact parts can also be removed entirely for off-site cleaning.

Another example is our “Exchange” module, where key components can be duplicated for immediate re-fitting. Your Metering Screw Feeder can be up and running again within minutes, with a completely different material being handled moment later.


An image of a Metering Feeder constructed in 316 stainless steel, front right view.
An image of a Metering Feeder constructed in 316 stainless steel, left side view.
An image of a Metering Feeder constructed in 316 stainless steel, right side view.
An image of a Metering Feeder constructed in 316 stainless steel, centre front view without front panel.
Base Models:

All Trantec M-Series Metering Screw Feeders are supplied with the following as standard:

1x Feeder Body, 1x Auger, 1x AC Motor, 1x Gearbox, 1x Steel Mounting Plinth. 

M Series Feeder Family:

M-100 Metering Screw Feeder

M-200 Metering Screw Feeder

M-300 Metering Screw Feeder

M-Series Micro Screw Feeder

Construction Materials:

Mild Steel

Cost-effective, easy to cut, bend, twist, and weld. Best suited to applications that do not require sanitary hygiene (i.e. plastics, non-corrosive chemicals, flue-gas treatment, etc.). Typically composed of 0.29%-0.54% carbon and 0.60%-1.65% manganese.

303 Stainless Steel

 A free-machining version of 304 (18% chromium / 8% nickel stainless steel) due to added sulphur which increases its machinability. It is also less corrosive resistant than 304 stainless for this reason. Cannot be heat treated and has poor weldability.
304 Stainless Steel Contains 18% chromium (Cr) and 8% nickel (Ni), providing resistance to acidic and caustic solutions. Reduced risk of intergranular corrosion. All around one of the most common types of stainless steel due to its high ease of fabrication.
316 Stainless Steel Greater resistance all-around than that of 304 stainless steel. Easier fabrication, welding, and cleaning properties. Increased resistance to sodium chloride (NaCl) based substances. Typically used for the construction of food and pharmaceutical solutions.

Gravimetric Configurations:

Integrated Weighing Base

Add a load transducer weighing base to your Metering Feeder for added precision that can’t be achieved via volumetric methods.

Integrated Control System (PLC-based)

Constantly monitor the feeders loss of material over time. Comparison of the actual flow rate with the targeted flow rate allows for the controller to automatically correct any discrepancies in feed rates, by adjusting RPM of the auger screw.

Continuous loss-in-weight (configuration)

Constantly monitor and adjust feed rates as material starts to empty, automatically adjusting to allow precise feed rates to continue unchanged.

Loss-in-weight batching (configuration)

Measures materials as they are discharged from the weighing hopper. Less accurate than that of gain-in-weight batching systems, although can batch multiple ingredients at once.

Gain-in-weight batching (configuration)

Slower that loss-in-weight batches, as each output is weighed, however higher in accuracy than loss-in-weight batching. Weight is measured when the material reaches conditioning zone (hopper). 

Mild steel billet on a clear background
304 stainless steel billet on a clear background
Load cell on a clear background
A gravimetric controller on a clear background
PLC control system on clear background

Auxiliary Equipment:

Conditioning Zone (Hopper)

Increase storage capacity for added ease of use. For temporary storage of materials until fed to the next process. Volume and weight capacities are tailored to your application to ensure the correct storage capacity is provided.

Sack Tip Station/Hood

Add ease when emptying bags and sacks. Benefits include dust control (with added dust curtain). Additional upgrades applicable to our sack tip stations include; keg-tip mechanism and door with integrated safety interlock.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container  (F.I.B.C.) Discharger

Discharge big bags directly into a material hopper for added ease. Configurations will be dependent on the application. Complete discharge of material can be executed under controlled conditions. Models are available for both free and poor flowing materials and can be supplied standalone or in multiple. Employed extensively in food, chemical, plastics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Certifications & Legislation Compliancy:

ATEX Approved Construction

Construction in ATEX approved materials. For handling potentially explosive materials.

EC & FDA Approved Construction

Trantec complies to all EC and FDA food contact legislation and can offer advice on the most appropriate construction materials and overall finish.

Sack Tip Station with Metering Screw Feeder on clear background

Motor Drives:

 Motor Type


 Stock Information

AC Motor

With the use of an AC motor, the AC current can be transformed. Due to its simplistic design and fewer moving parts than that of a DC motor, AC motors are considered both easier and cheaper to maintain. Recommended for higher RPMs that require less drive accuracy.


DC Motor

Trantec supply brushed DC motors as a stock option. Simple in construction, and in many cases, will not require a controller. Where controllers are necessary, they are generally simple and inexpensive in design, along with the DC motor itself. Control of speed is simple (the higher the armature voltage, the faster the rotation will be), and linear in relationship to the motors maximum speed. Reliable control at higher RPMs. For maintaining lower speeds, see Servo Motors.


Servo Motor

Relatively small in size, servo motors possess larger amounts of torque than that of a standard DC motor. By operating auger position sensors, excellent levels of accuracy are easily achieved and maintained. Using an internal control circuit, the position of the output shaft is determined, resulting in a consistent, steady RPM, where at slower or faster speeds. Servo motors are renowned for their versatility, optimum performance, and outstanding quality. Ensure optimal performance with the use of the motors control and drive system, adopting the module to suit your application thoroughly.

Sales-to-order – Not stocked, ETA dependent on motor and gearbox configuration/specification.

Stepper Motor

As a low-cost alternative to servo motors, stepper motors are also able to achieve high torque at start up and maintain low speeds of rotation. Its simplistic construction means that the motor is low-maintenance and they are considered highly reliable. This robust type of motor is known for its versatility to work in almost any environment, giving you the peace of mind that operation is hassle-free.

Sales-to-order – Not stocked, ETA dependent on motor and gearbox configuration/specification.

Stainless Steel Motor

Offering a full hygienic and sanitary solution, stainless steel motors are a popular choice for the food and pharmaceutical process/manufacturing industries. Cleanliness is guaranteed, combined with their reliability and long lifespan. Stainless motors are considered easy to clean, significantly reducing downtime and, more importantly, interruption to your production line.

Sales-to-order – Not stocked, ETA dependent on motor and gearbox configuration/specification.

Gearbox Modules:

Gearbox Modules

Allow increased dynamic range by changing the gearbox ratio. With a selection of gearboxes, including worm, helical, inline, variable speed. Through our trusted supplier of motor drives and gearboxes, Trantec is able to offer a motor and gear combination that suits your application.

Agitator Speed Control

Trantec Agitators are independently driven using a separate gear box and motor configuration. Speed control of agitation is achievable, allowing the degree to be varied, preventing over-agitation of material.

AC Motor on a clear background
DC Motor on a clear background
Servo motor on a clear background.
Stepper motor on a clear background.
Stainless steel motor on a clear background
Three gearboxes next to each other on a clear background.


Ribbon Flight Agitator Blade

Wide mixing range provides excellent, consistent agitation of powders, granules, and certain slurries. Ideal for low-density, free-flowing materials.

Paddle Flight Agitator Blade

For use with some sugars, including soft and sticky bulk solids, including slurries, plastic pellets, pigments, soil/fertilisers, etc.

Scroll Flight Agitator Blade

For fine powders such as flour, cement, and clay. Added block breakers prevent material build-up in the form of rat-holing or bridging.


Cartridge Shaft Seals

Introducing our latest modernisation, Trantec’s Cartridge Shaft Seals are a seal manufactured entirely from GFPTFE (Glass-Filled Polytetrafluoroethylene). Ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications due to being an EC/FDA approved plastic material. Specially designed to be easy to change, and to be run dry in contact with bulk solids. Devised by Trantec and manufactured in-house means that we can assure maximum quality and control of production. Benefits include: High chemical resistance, low friction coefficient, high UV resistance, low flammability, can resist both low and high temperatures, and carries good electrical properties. 

Available types: Fixed, removable, or disposable.

High Accessibility Module

Our high accessibility module is available for shafts, drives, and seals. Designed to make access to these areas easier than ever before.
Ribbon flight agitator blade on a clear background
Paddle agitator blade on a clear background
Cartridge shaft seal on a clear background

General Safety & Ease of Use



Stock Information:

Level Detection Probes

Trantec uses capacitive sensors as our level detection indicator of choice. Operating distances are adjustable via a potentiometer. Available in stainless steel for food and pharmaceutical applications. The rated operating distance is approx. 15mm. The most common materials sensed are powders, plastics, granular materials, and liquids, whether conductive or non-conductive. Prevent the risk of running your machine empty.

Sales-to-order. ETA dependent on our suppliers stock at the time of the request.

Integrated Safety Interlock

A solenoid interlock switch offers robust protection for guard doors and front panels.


Keg Tip Mechanism with Actuator.

Powered via Belimo actuator, our keg-tip add-on allows for easy tipping of dry bulk solids, poured directly into the hopper. A popular choice with our Sack Tip Station module.


Metal Detectable Gaskets

Our metal detectable silicone gaskets are an excellent choice for industries who manufacture for human or animal consumption. They are approved for use in food, drink, pharmaceutical applications. Benefits include; excellent heat resistance, non-stick properties, and electrical insulation.

Sales-to-order – Estimated delivery is 14 to 21 working days.  

Easy Clean/Hygienic Features:

Clean in Place (CIP) capability

Clean the interior surfaces of your Metering Screw Feeder without disassembly. A popular choice amongst the food, drinks, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries due to their need for sanitary hygiene. CIP saves machine downtime, saving costs.

Sterilise in Place (SIP) capability

Similar to CIP, but largely focused on pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals due to their need for complete sanitary hygiene. 


Our Quick-Release option allows you to strip your machine down in minutes without the need for tools. Available as a clamping mechanism, or as handwheels with swing bolts.

Polish Finish

Trantec is able to produce a variety of polish finishes for you, including acid treated, welds as laid, standard, food grade (crevice free), and sanitary mirror finish (0.2Ra).

Level detection probe on a clear background
Safety interlock switch on a clear background
Belimo actuator on a clear background
Metal detectable silicone gasket on a clear background

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