Trantec has taken a fresh look and new approach to Powder Dosing and Metering Screw Feeders. In particular, we have talked to our customers and listened to what they need and how they operate in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

You told us that easy cleaning and quick turnaround after product changes boost productivity. Reliable and robust construction reduce maintenance and subsequently reduce downtime. 

We have taken into account all of these factors and more when developing our Modular Range of Metering Screw Feeders. Trantec Machines can now be configured and reconfigured to suit almost any application. They save time and money by only including the elements of the machinery your application needs.

We are passionate about our products and about excellent customer service. We have a genuine interest in powder handling applications and enjoy the design challenge that comes with such a diverse and often complicated environment.

Combining over 20 years experience with avid monitoring of the latest technology and legislation gives Trantec an unrivalled competitive edge.

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Trantec Product Development Model

  • 1

    Product Development:

    Continuous improvement of features and production methodology.

  • 2

    Market Intelligence & Research:

    Monitoring our competitors, new legislation, and market trends.

  • 3

    Develop New Designs & Modules:

    Create innovative new designs or innovative new modules to include in Trantec machine range.

  • 4

    Test & Prove Design:

    Produce exhaustive test regime to prove design suitability.

  • 5

    Implement New Feature:

    Introduce new feature and monitor its operation in the field.

  • 6

    Change Control:

    Use customer feedback to adjust and modify design for optimal operation.