How Trantec Serves the Animal Feed & Pet Food Industries...

Trantec has worked alongside the animal feed and pet foods industries for approximately two decades. We hold considerable experience and knowledge on the handling of such products.

Our Metering Screw Feeders will be typically used in any manufacturing process that requires high levels of accuracy to be maintained. Both batching processes and continuous feeding methods are used in dry pet food process applications. The type of type of solution chosen will be dependent on the material being handled.

A Volumetric Screw Feeder or Loss in Weight Screw Feeder will typically be used for the dosing of ingredients and vitamins. The material is then fed into a mixer. Coupled together with a conveying solution, such as our Flexible Screw Conveyor or Rigid Auger Conveyor, a full handling solution is achieved. Trantec’s flexible auger conveyors are widely used for transporting powders and dry bulk solids. They are often fed directly to the Metering Screw Feeder, ready for accurate delivery of materials. 

Industry Needs...

The animal feed and pet food industries carry many of the same strict legislation that is present in the food and beverages industries. Manufacturing regulations for both human and animal consumption are almost identical. 

Trantec adheres to all EC and FDA legislation, ensuring that our products are fit for purpose whilst safe in operation.

For further information on current legislation governing the manufacture of pet/animal food, please visit:

Typical Materials Handled...

Below are a few of the examples of materials that are regularly handled: 

• Vitamins.
• Grains.
• Pigments.
• Meat and grain meals.
• Kibbles.
• Pet treats.
• Fish meal.
• Protein. 

Animal feed ingredients can often be tricky to work with and can be susceptible to product degradation. It is recommended that ingredients be processed at a slow, consistent rate to prevent damage to your materials and equipment. Material characteristics can also affect the handling of animal feed ingredients, with some known to be very sticky or dusty.